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Thanks to our sponsors

T H A N K S  T O  O U R  S P O N S O R S

DRI, the sports association of Denmark's Radio, would like to give a warm thank to our partners and sponsors.


Nallakkersuisut is the government of Greenland, elected by Inatsisartut, the legislative assembly of Greenland.


Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq is the base of Nunafonden. The goal of Nunafonden is to serve both commercial purposes of public utility as well as charities.



Greenland Venture
Greenland Venture makes investments on commercial and marketing conditions where all projects have to be sustainable.




Qeqqata Kommunia
Qeqqeta Kommunia is situated on the Greenland west coast. Greenland is the world's largest island, and the 56 000 inhabitants live in towns and villages spread along the littoral region and in the fiords. Almost 10 000 people currently live in Qeqqeta Kommunia. 


Omneon - Now a part of Harmonic
Omneon, now a part of Harmonic, offers professional media organizations an open platform optimized for the production, transformation and distribution of digital media.



Miranda Technologies is one of the world's leading providers of hardware and software solutions for television facilities, with a client base that includes broadcasters, cable, satellite, and IPTV operators. Our solutions span the full breadth of television operations, including production, playout, and delivery to subscribers.



Snell has a strong history of innovation and groundbreaking technical achievements, including a significant portfolio of intellectual property in image processing and content management. Its products and technologies have won more than 100 awards for technical innovation, including nine UK Queen’s Awards; five technical Emmy Awards from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in the USA; and many best-of -show awards from industry publications.



Advokatfirmaet Meinel

Meinel is a Greenland law firm with Greenland, Danish, and foreign clients and relations. Meinel has many years' experience of advising both the public authorities as well as the corporate sector. The law firm emphasizes providing intelligable, engaged, and professional assistance.



Danmon Group

Our aim is to find cost effective and durable solutions that suits our customers’ varying needs. We supply products as well as aftersales services, installation services, support and training. For complete turnkey solutions for studios, ENG/DSNG vans and OB vans, we refer to our sister company Danmon Systems Group.



Arctic Export
Arctic Export Greenland A/S is the sole distributor in theNordic countries of the unique 938 Greenland Springwater product and the Arctic Velvet spirits productline. All of the products are made with ~2000 year old springwater from the pristine environment in Greenland.



Air Greenland
From amphibian aircraft to jet aircraft, from helicopter service to route network with fixed-wing aircraft. Almost 50 years of Arctic aviation history in short.




Hotel Sisimiut
Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere which, together with modern facilities and exquisite food, create the perfect frame for meetings and conferences.




Taserlik, The House of Culture in Sisimiut, which contains both a concert hall/cinema, conference facilities, and a café, has many different cultural offers to all groups in the city. In this way, it is a very versatile and multicultural house with a wide range of offers to people across all ages. The house is the citizens’ own culture house, and it is of highest priority that audience as well as clients and guests feel welcome so that the culture house becomes a nice place to be.