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  • Packing - What shall I bring? (the list will frequently be updated)


  • Helmet
  • Slalom boots
  • Sleeping bag



  • Luggage – How much can I bring?

Each person is allowed to bring:

20 kg luggage (to be checked in)

15 kg ski (to be checked in)

8 kg hand luggage: 55 x 40 x 23 cm (in addition to your checked-in luggage)

Please remember:

An excess weight of 1 kg costs about € 10 (use the hotel shampoo or by the things you need in Sisimiut, etc.)


  • Skis - I need to rent skis, what do I do? 

You can rent skis if they have been preordered. Please tell your delegates your preferences if you are interested.


We have bought V2 and V3 Powerline skis from SALOMON (alpine, special, and slalom skis). These have been sent to Greenland, where you will be able to rent as well as buy a pair. The prices are as follows:



   -    € 25 / day


   -   € 65 for 1 week


   -   €

275 if you want to buy a pair


You will have to pay in cash in either Danish kroner or in Euro.




Rent of cross-country skis - General prices (approximated):

   -   €20/day for randonee ski

   -   €27/day for Sport ski

   -   €34/day for Racing ski

   -   €40/day for World Cup Racing ski


  • Temperature – How cold is it in Sisimiut?

The temperature in April can be -15°C in the morning, but the air is often very dry which will make the temperature feel milder. This, however, cannot be expected if you drive a snow scooter or a dog sledge. Because of the wind you will feel the temperature as being colder.
Wax for skis – Is it true that I cannot use fluorine-containing wax?

It is a good idea to use wax without fluorine. The dry snow will make the fluorine act as sandpaper.


  • Drinking – Can I drink the water in Sisimiut?

Yes, the water is clean and it will not cause you problems to drink it.


  • Alcohol and cigarettes – What do alcohol and cigarettes cost in Sisimiut?

At a café, a bar, or at the hotel a beer (4.6 % vol.) costs €4-6. In stores you can get twin packs of 20 pcs. for around € 20.


  • Sleeping – Am I obliged to sleep in the camp if I’m participating in Super G?



  • Temperature – Is it cold in the camp?

In the nights the temperature can be very low (around -30°C), but the toilets are heated and there is also a big food tent and a drying tent where you can sleep if you are sensitive to cold. The temperature in the food tent is above 0°C.

You can also sleep in tents where the temperature will reach -30°C. If we can find the time and if the right snow is there, we will build a couple of igloos in which you can sleep.


  • Access to the camp – Can I stay in the camp even though I’m not participating in Super G?

Yes, and you will able to run off-piste skiing.


  • Cross-country skiing – Can I go cross-country skiing both from the Super G camp back to Sisimiut village?

Yes, if the weather is fine. The distance of the trip is about 35-40 km with 1000 ascent meters. The journey has to be prearranged and you will be equipped with a number. There will be 1-2 drinking stations on the way and you will be assisted by guides. Please let us know if you are interested in this.


  • Clothes – Can I leave clothes and shoes in the skiing area so I don’t have to ride a snow scooter in my skiing clothes?

Yes, there will be a room only for us. You can leave your stuff there.


  • Transport and insurance – Am I covered by my regular insurance if I get hurt and have to go home? And who will pay for this?

It depends on which country you are from. Danish people are covered by the public insurance. Participants from other countries will have to insure themselves with a travelling and health insurance – just as you would if you were travelling to another country. Some countries have insurance companies who regard Greenland as a part of Europe while other companies don’t. Please note that it is your own responsibility to check this and provide yourself with the insurance you need. To be saved and being hospitalized can be very expensive, just as the transport from Greenland to Denmark is expensive because it is only possible by plane.


  • Mobile coverage – Can I use my cell phone in Greenland?

Yes, in the towns the mobile coverage is good. At the ski lifts you have to be lucky to get through. In the camp you unfortunately aren’t able to get through with your cell phone. This is because the camp is situated in the wilderness.


  • Arctic Circle Race - Where can I learn more about ACR?

Participants from 14 countries have signed up for the ACR race in Sisimiut. Visit this page and be introduced to ACR by a short movie:

Artic Circle Race - Introduction movie by Greenland Today